Revolution Tour | Our Team
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The Team

The performers, communicators and technical teams who make up The Revolution Tour each year are of the highest standard and are some of this generations leading voices to youth in schools.

When not on tour in NZ our teams are travelling through schools in first-world and developing nations carrying out their performances, communicating to young people and making advocating for positive change in schools. The individuals and teams of The Revolution Tour are motivated by the vision to equip youth for life, especially through the very challenging years of adolescence.



LZ7 are a Manchester-based band bringing party hip-hop and electro beats that make you throw shapes you didn’t know you had. With energy, skills and passion, LZ7 bring it home at every performance. LZ7 work with tens of thousands of teenagers each year in schools all over the world, as well as playing in music festivals and tours. We are pumped have them tour with us each year around New Zealand.

Reggie Dabbs

Reggie is known for his trademark statement; “You can’t change your past, but you can change your future.” He shares of his difficult past and his inspirational story helps teenagers to meet life’s challenges head on to overcome them. Reggie Dabbs is one of the most in-demand youth speakers around the globe, speaking to more than two million high school kids a year.

Esther Greenwood (Elliott)

With a voice that fills auditoriums and a heart just as big, it’s no surprise that Esther is so accomplished for a woman so young. One of the top communicators in New Zealand, Esther provides passionate and hopeful messages to the young people of our nation. In addition to performing, she believes that every young person has talent and only needs the opportunity and encouragement to pursue their future.

Revolution Tour Teams

Our tour teams are a bunch of talented, compassionate people using their blazing dance moves, fresh music, and fun communication style to teach, reach and give hope to teenagers around NZ. You can expect to some laughs, moving stories of transformation, and refreshing honesty about life. Our Teams are dedicated to using their gifts to connect with young people and have a great time doing it.